Pete Wentz’s feelings get hurt

Pete Wentz has sent heavy metal band Neurosonic a cease and desist order because they have a song making fun of his girlfriend, Ashlee Simpson. Page Six writes,

The tune, “So Many People,” pokes fun at Simpson’s horrific “Saturday Night Live” appearance, during which she was caught lip-synching and ran offstage. Darr then invited the audience to dance a “jig” along to the song, just like Simpson did before she fled the stage that night.

Jesus. Pete is a crybaby. He acts tough trying to fight people, but he gets butt hurt when someone writes a shitty song about his girlfriend’s humiliation from years ago. I bet if you punch him in the face he’ll cry for 5 minutes before singing about it. I also bet he wears women’s underwear because it feels great against his skin. And for the most part, he’s right. It does. Almost as if soft puffy clouds were supporting your scrotum. Er, so I’ve heard.

Pete Wentz’s possibly NSFW sex scene down below.

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16 years ago

What. A. Pussy.

But I bet he won’t cry about it, then he’ll have to redo his makeup.

16 years ago

“no i have never heard of that band or ever sent a cease and desist in my life.” – pete
get your information right. quit trying to hurt the guy, what has he ever done to you? all hes done is try to help people and its fuckers like you that ruin peoples good reps.. if your going to publish info publish it right or dont publish it at all!

16 years ago

What did Pete ever do to anybody to make everybody pretty much fuckin’ hate him?
All he’s trying to do is make it to where people will just move on with their fuckin’ lives and stop living and writing about the Past!!
He just wants to protect his girlfriend (which alot of people hate for stealing the HOTTY Peter Wentz!!)
Just try to think about that!!

16 years ago

omg ya should leave him alone he just like her gosh get a freakin life