Sophie Anderton is a model prostitute

UK model / reality tv star Sophie Anderton was busted in a sting operation conducted by News of the World (a lot more NSFW pics at that link). Sophie was caught on camera prostituting herself for $20,000 while doing lines of blow. Undercover video here. So in essence, the title of this story is very fitting.

“I’m great at sex,” Sophie bragged as she beckoned our reporter to romp with her. “I’ll be a lot of fun. I’ll look great on your f***ing arm. I’m a supermodel.”

The beauty, who has publicly claimed she’s beaten her long battle with drug addiction, also offered our man cocaine.

“Everyone takes drugs. You don’t take coke?” she asked. “I’ve got some on me. Do you want a line?”

When our reporter–posing as a potential client–declined she pulled a wrap out of her designer handbag, made lines on the coffee table and snorted them through a rolled-up £20 note.

As name-dropping Sophie desperately tried to sell her body, throughout the meeting she:

  • BOASTED about being on last year’s I’m A Celeb before BITCHING about the current contestants.
  • TORE into rival supermodel Kate Moss, branding her a “f***ing nightmare”.
  • DISHED the dirt on how she had her pal Prince Andrew rolling about with laughter at a party by INSULTING Harrods owner Mohamed al-Fayed.
  • DEMANDED £15,000 a night for a WEEKEND of sex in the BAHAMAS with her and a hooker friend.
  • HOOVERED up three lines of cocaine.

“I just think short term, and at the end of the day nobody gets hurt.” Then she laid down the ground rules for sex. “Definitely with condoms,” she said. Spanking is cool. But I’m not into any kinky s**t, to be honest.”

Sophie also said that she was “cool” with giving her punter oral sex. “I know that I’m great in bed,” she added. “But if I don’t feel comfortable with something I’m not going to go along with it and be fake. I don’t do the whole fake thing.”

She was keen to make sure the sex was fuelled by cocaine. So she offered to call her cocaine dealer, a girl called Isabella. “It’s £50 a gram. And it’s in rocks as well–it’s not cut,” said Sophie. “She’s very trustworthy. She’s a friend of mine. This is the only person I go to and she stops working at 11.”

Wow. This whole thing is like a lurid description of my dream girl minus the paying for it part and the cocaine. I don’t need a girl OD’ing in the middle of sex. Not again. Plus, I don’t really have money. Unless you count Monopoly money as real money. In which case, I don’t have any money. No matter though because I’m pretty good at getting by with my good looks and charm. I guess I’m just blessed. Blessed with this chloroform and this gun.

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16 years ago

this is fucking hilarious! this site is awesome

The Dapper 1
The Dapper 1
16 years ago

Not to incriminate myself, but I can’t stand bad information given in ANY forum. Granted Ms. Anderton is the one giving the info, and there’s really no point in pointing out her pointy-headedness…but at the risk of helping people gain knowledge of their illegal substances, here we go: If its in rocks(you know what I’m talking about here), it’s most DEFINITELY been cut. Uncut, pure cocaine (aka Fishscales) looks like chipped abalone shell. Pearlescent. It IS rock hard, but its in flakes that are roughly shaped like fish scales, hence the name. Its drug-dealing SOP to cut it with baby… Read more »