Kate Hudson, meet your future self

Through the magic of my time machine, I present to you Kate Hudson, circa 2050. *sniff sniff*. Does someone smell Tiger Balm? Yes, definitely. It’s Tiger Balm with a hint of Bengay. If you scratch your monitor right now, I”m sure you can smell Grandma’s medicine cabinet.

Now, some might say this is really Goldie Hawn circa 2007. And that I don’t really have a time machine. To those people I say, why must you hate on my invention? What, you don’t think I can build a time machine? Because I’m too stupid? Too lazy?? You never believed in me! You never loved me!! You always loved new mommy more. I wish old mommy was here now. I hate you Daddy! I hate you hate you hate you!

…And release…

Anyway, I hope to time travel to summer 2008, so that we can see more of Kate at the beach. – Captain Swarthy

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16 years ago

Goldie is still and always be adorable! She will be adorable at 90, 100! I love that she is not vain like other stars and isn’t trying to look 23 again (like Joan Van Ark)! Goldie, you rock! Sock it to em! Love ya!Kate is also adorable and will be as cute as mom is when she is older! You’ll see! Women should not be criticized for ageing. We ALL age!