Heath Ledger was in a drug tape

Entertainment Tonight said it would broadcast a tape of Heath Ledger at a Hollywood party following the SAG awards in 2006 where he admitted to smoking a lot of pot when he was young. Gasp! The tape was originally obtained by Australia’s Channel 9 and will be aired by them tonight. ET on the other hand, decided against airing it after facing an increasing amount of pressure from Hollywood despite paying $200,000 for it. On the tape, Heath can be heard saying,

“I’m going to get serious s–t from my girlfriend,” Ledger tells his companions. “We just had a baby three months ago. “I shouldn’t be here at all,” he tells the guests, and then offers the admission: “I used to smoke five joints a day for 20 years.”

Page Six reported Heath snorted cocaine on film, but that was a lie. Someone else was snorting. Reading about all these people unearthing unrelated facts about Heath Ledger makes me wonder. Should I track down his first grade teacher and find out if he had any vices? Maybe one time he cheated on a test or, heaven forbid, kissed a girl because as we all know, whorishness at such a young age leads to experimentation with drugs such as heroin and cocaine in adulthood.

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13 years ago

so he’s been smoking 5 joints a day since he was 8? i dont think so…

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