No illegal drugs were found

Yesterday, WCBSTV reported drug packets with unknown substances and a rolled up $20 bill with narcotic residue were found in the apartment. Today, the AP reports that testing of the $20 came back clean and there were no illegal drugs found in the apartment. Notwithstanding, six different types of prescription drugs were in the room.

There were six different types of prescription drugs in the room, including pills to treat insomnia and anxiety, and an antihistamine, according to two law enforcement officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

The law enforcement officials said three of the drugs were prescribed in Europe. Ledger had recently been filming in London.

The connection to Mary-Kate Olsen also became clear. The massage therapist who found Heath first called Mary-Kate because her number was programmed into Heath’s phone. Olsen said she would send her security there to help. Upon realizing Heath might be dead, the therapist once again called Olsen and then 911.

The most likely scenario now is Heath accidentally took a lethal combination of those prescription drugs. The most likely scenario for who took my salad dressing? Further investigation required.

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