Tiffany Mulheron is no fan of underwear

Tiffany Mulheron. That’s all I know about her. I’ll let IMDB take it from here. Do your thing IMDB.

Scottish born, Tiffany Mulheron’s break in acting came by accident. While waiting to pick up her sister from an audition, a casting director mistakenly presumed that Tiffany was waiting to audition for a television series. With reluctance Tiffany agreed to audition and landed a lead role in BBC’s “Stacey Stone” in 2001. Two years later the producers of the popular teen drama “Hollyoaks” wrote a role specifically with Tiffany in mind. After ten months on the show Tiffany left to pursue film work with roles in such films as “Namastey London”, “Daylight Robbery” and most recently Guy Richie’s “RocknRolla”. Tiffany can be seen on the CW’s “Life is Wild” playing ‘Emily Banks’.

Whoa there. What gives IMDB? You think you’re smarter than me? Yea? You wanna fight about it? That’s what I thought. Sit your ass down. Right over there. Now that I shut that stupid internet movie database up, feel free to enjoy these pictures of Tiffany Mulheron almost flashing her vadge without that know-it-all IMDB judging you. These might be NSFW.

Note: Alternate spellings of “vadge” include “vaj”, “vajayjay” and “Spencer Pratt.” For example: That bouncer wouldn’t let me bring my own beer into the club. He was such a Spencer Pratt. Remarkably, “Spencer Pratt” is also interchangeable with “douche bag” and “dick head.”

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Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
13 years ago

Oh Yes, she’s got that combo vibe of looking kinda stuck up w/a little wild child /porno princess mix(loves a good facial, swallows & swaps the spunk w/another hot slutty buddy, double anal then finishing w/ATM=ass-to-mouth for the unenlightened)…Therefore I want her badly…

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