Update: Vivica A. Fox might have a sex tape

Vivica A Fox chugs that water like it was… water

An Atlanta individual secretly filmed, with his cellphone, Vivica A. Fox on her knees giving him a bj. The man then circulated the tape through e-mail. Fox eventually got hold of it and forwarded it to her friend in the Atlanta Police Department. 10 minutes and a box of tissues later, they still don’t know whether Fox is filing a formal complaint.

Actress Vivica A. Fox has a sex tape that has been circulated around recently. An inebriated Fox is seen on her knees, performing oral sex to an Atlanta man, who was secretly taping her on his cell phone. The tape was confirmed by Atlanta hip-hop station V-103’s Porsche Foxx, a popular DJ in the city.

Wow. That’s sexy. This may be one of the high points in Vivica’s life. I always say to girls, if you don’t have a tape of yourself on your knees giving a guy head floating around the net, then you’re obviously doing something wrong. This is before they kick me in the groin which I take to be a sign of affection. I mean, if you don’t like a guy, why would you touch his penis with your leg. Amiright? Any ladies want to back me up on this?

At first I thought the source was Tranny World News. Turns out it was Trans World News. What an unfortunate name.

Update: This could be the video, but it’s hard to tell. NSFW.

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