Paula Abdul is back

Paula Abdul claims a “plane crash” that left her with four plates and fourteen cervical spinal surgeries has been what has kept her out of music and live performances since 1995.

Abdul said while she picked up items Saturday at The Retreat at Super Bowl XLII, a celebrity gifting suite. “It all happened during the time that I disappeared and no one knew where I went. For five and a half years, I went through paralysis, the worst experience, and then I came back on ‘American Idol,’ that was my first time back out there.”

Abdul knew the time was right to make her triumphant return when Randy Jackson asked her to be on his Randy Jackson’s Musical Club, Vol. 1. album. Kind of like how New Kids on the Block would return if Now! Music asked them to be on one of their albums. As you can see, the results were spectacular as Paula Abdul lip-synced and wiggled her way through her pre-taped Super Bowl half-time performance. My God, it’s like she never left!

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