Eliot Spitzer resigns

Eliot Spitzer is now the former Governor of New York. Spitzer resigned from office after being linked to a prostitution ring operating under the name Emperor’s Club. Spitzer reportedly spent thousands on one specific girl. He is known as Client 9 on an FBI wiretap that caught him requesting call girl Kristen to come up to his room. Kristen was warned he “would ask you to do things that, like, you might not think were safe.” Which I guess is a hint that Eliot likes tying a belt around his neck and being chocked out as he orgasms.

Page Six managed to get Kristen’s profile off the now defunct Emperor’s Club website and yes, it’s everything you hoped for. Meanwhile, Cornhole sent me a few edited photos of Spitzer. Surprisingly, there’s no butt sex. /Scratches head

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capt Cornhole
capt Cornhole
14 years ago

Re: buttsex;
You’ve always gotta hold back something for yourself.

BTW: Spitzer has a small cock…ya’ll aren’t missing much.

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