Lake Bell does GQ

Lake Bell

The last show I saw Lake Bell in was Surface. I remember she had big boobs. I’m glad GQ continues to remind me of that fact.

Lake Bell posesLake Bell posesLake Bell posesLake Bell posesLake Bell poses

  • tommyjuice

    Nice pics, but I’m in love with Delany Decolleur, sweet and curvy and shows the goods! I’m glad GQ is starting to have some better lookin women. Good job.

  • Rick Da Ruler

    SHE’S THE BUTTAFACE POSTER GURL FOR 2008…That bod of hers is highly sexable indeed, but that up-close-and-personal-mug of hers is rather homely unfortunately, but she could get it good & hard, BUTT GOOD TOO…Not bad for a consolation prize type of chick though…

  • Rick don’t know shit

    You must be fucking retarded or insane, buttaface??? I don’t think so. Do yourself a favor and put the crack pipe down.

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