Nicole Richie really likes to party

Nicole Richie

Star Magazine (via MSNBC) reports that Nicole Richie is torn between partying and taking care of her baby. Since giving birth to Harlow, Nicole has been overwhelmed with responsibilities and misses the days when she could stay out until 6 a.m., drunk, stoned and driving the wrong way on the freeway.

“Nicole is torn between being a mommy and being a party girl,” an insider told the publication. “She wants to go out and have fun, but when she does, she’s like, ‘Uh-oh, Harlow needs me.'”

“Nicole really misses her carefree life. Before Harlow came along, Nicole never had to worry about anything. All she did was party with her friends and go shopping. Now she’s totally overwhelmed by her new responsibility, even though she adores her daughter. Nicole still can’t figure out if she’s happier when she’s home with the baby or hitting the town with her friends!”

I’d like to suggest a compromise. Bring Harlow to party. Mix her milk with Grey Goose and dump him in the coat room. She’ll be asleep for hours. Ha, just kidding. Don’t waste perfectly good Grey on the baby. Generic charcoal filtered Vodka will work just as well. Not like they can tell the difference anyway. Stupid, ignorant babies.

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13 years ago

“Mix his milk with Grey Goose and dump him in the coat room. He’ll be asleep for hours.”

HE is a girl. Harlow is a girl.

BAP Barbie
BAP Barbie
13 years ago

Star magazine tends to exaggerate and blow things out of proportion!!! It’s a good thing to balance motherhood with going out. Doing both makes her happy. Usually, a happy mother is a good mother.

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