Tony Parker sucks

This was a couple of days ago, but a genius fan brought a cardboard cutout of Eva Longoria to the Spurs vs New Orleans game and put it up when Tony Parker was shooting free throws to distract him. It worked. Tony Parker missed his two free throws before security took the guy away. And the Spurs lost. Ha, you suck.

Next time they should bring a cardboard cutout of Eva Longoria with no makeup. Freak out all the Spurs. Instead of free throws, the Spurs will just be chucking the ball at Eva’s head in a futile attempt to kill her. When that fails, they’ll probably curl up in the fetal position and start sucking their thumbs.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
14 years ago

Dude should’a painted cum stains all over her lip and tits. That would have really gotten a rise out of Parker. Would have also gotten him a pretty good ass beating. But, those are the sacrifices that one must make to take people off their game and piss them off.

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