Khloe Kardashian to learn responsibility

News broke late yesterday afternoon that Khloe Kardashian, uglier sister of Kim, will be serving jail time stemming from a DUI charge last year. On her blog, Kim says Khloe is ready to serve out her sentence no matter the length.

One can’t help but think that statement is a little disingenuous. The Kardashians live in LA; celebrity ass kissing capital of the world. Kim knows Khloe will probably get off easy. The judge will no doubt sentence her to one week of having her toes licked by a puppy and force her to wear non-designer clothes. Although, to a celebrity famous for nothing, that’s pretty much the equivalent of thrusting a 10-inch spike into her vagina.

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13 years ago

That big, butch bitch will probably like it in jail.

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