Nicole Richie got kicked out of the Hard Rock

Nicole Richie has a baby girl at home, but you wouldn’t know it because she’s still partying hard and getting kicked out of clubs for fighting. TMZ reports:

We’re told Nicole was involved in an altercation around 1 AM this morning with a female while in line at the valet outside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Sources say Richie was so rowdy she had to be escorted off the property by security!

UPDATE: Nicole’s rep sent us this statement: “She was in Vegas but there wasn’t an altercation of any kind involving her.”

Nicole and I must have the same reading list because I picked up this book on how to be a good parent and Chapter 1 starts by saying you should get drunk every night, wobble home and ask your kid to hold your hair back while you puke. They say this is a good way to create a strong parental bond. Chapter 2 says you should fill your bathtub with scalding hot water to wash your baby in and if the phone rings, immediately rush downstairs. On second thought, this may be a book on how not to be a good parent. I think someone should tell Nicole Richie before she gets to Chapter 3: Using your baby for tackle football.

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13 years ago

odd – you must have the american edition of the book. chapter 3 in the canadian version says to play ice hockey with your baby. as the puck.

Chuck Roast
Chuck Roast
13 years ago

who cares about her and many other bimbos. just a waste of time

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