Rampage arrested again

Quinton Jackson

One day after leading police on a chase through Newport, Rampage was arrested again. But this time not at gunpoint! Improvement? I think so.

Sources say around 4:30 PM yesterday, friends who were hanging out with Rampage, waved down an Irvine police car after they were worried about his behavior.

We’re told Irvine cops saw Rampage, deemed him a danger to himself and others, and took him to a hospital for observation. Rampage was very coopertive with police.

Cops won’t officially confirm if it’s a psychiatric hold.

I hate it when my friends try to be funny and flag down cops to tell them they’re worried about my behavior. You jokesters you. Just wait till I get out. I’m not saying I’ll tie you up and rape you with an ice cream scooper, but I’m not saying I won’t either.

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