Rampage arrested again

Quinton Jackson

One day after leading police on a chase through Newport, Rampage was arrested again. But this time not at gunpoint! Improvement? I think so.

Sources say around 4:30 PM yesterday, friends who were hanging out with Rampage, waved down an Irvine police car after they were worried about his behavior.

We’re told Irvine cops saw Rampage, deemed him a danger to himself and others, and took him to a hospital for observation. Rampage was very coopertive with police.

Cops won’t officially confirm if it’s a psychiatric hold.

I hate it when my friends try to be funny and flag down cops to tell them they’re worried about my behavior. You jokesters you. Just wait till I get out. I’m not saying I’ll tie you up and rape you with an ice cream scooper, but I’m not saying I won’t either.

  • Whatever

    First of all, Thank GOD that no one was hurt or killed. Secondly, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Thirdly, celebrities and people with money are not the only people who are given pardons within our legal system. Lastly, I used to like Forrest before he sat in mount position for over 2minutes doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! WTF!!! I have rolled with beginner white belts who will attempt to do more than he did! Freaking pathetic and Forrest deserved to lose b/c of that round alone! There was no cage dominance by anyone in that fight. All you armchair warriors should really try training yourselves before you offer up any kind of opinion about a BUSINESS like the UFC trying to turn MMA into the WWE with their politics.

    What “THIS” is ladies and gentleman; is an “E-M-P-L-O-Y-E-E of the UFC”………did any of you listen to his interview with those losers from Throwdown the day prior? The only thing that he did wrong is sign on the line which is dotted.

    Think: Tyson before he was raped by Don King!!!!???!! This is just Politics chewing up yet another young, talented athlete so the higher-ups can become richer while their “meat” loses their sense of self. Dana White IS a little Bitch and I hope he rots in HELL.

    Do yourselves a favor and try to open your minds to all of the possibilities in life, not just what is on the surface; because unless you have ever been used by these types, or PERSONALLY know the people involved; none of you know what you are talking about and should keep your opinions to yourselves.

  • JOhn

    I hope he’s ok.

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