Eva Mendes’ nipple is banned

Calvin Klein is currently promoting their new fragrance, Secret Obsession, with a controversial commercial starring Eva Mendes rolling around naked. It was quickly banned in the U.S. forcing Calvin Klein to re-cut it. But because the fashion house has so much integrity, they’ve decided to put the uncut version online. Video up above, slightly NSFW.

“This development is not entirely a surprise for the U.S. market,” said Tom Murry, president and chief operating officer of Calvin Klein Inc.

“We believe the commercial is exceptional and hits the mark for Secret Obsession. We will reach our consumers in the U.S. primarily through the Web site, the print campaign and at point of sale. We are anticipating a very successful global launch.”

When the ad’s creative director, Fabien Baron, heard the news, he blamed the president.

“You must be kidding me. This country really needs a new president — this country is so messed up,” said Baron. “It’s such a joke and it’s quite upsetting, frankly, how hypocritical this country has become. It’s OK for children to see people killed by guns? Spreading a little love right now would be a good idea.

Of course, I’m writing about this only because you can totally see Eva’s nipple in it! Hubba hubba!

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13 years ago

Let it be known- Eva Mendes nipple(s) will always be welcome at my house : )

Vernon J
13 years ago

I think a better model would have been Jodi Foster or Jane Seymour. No one keeps it a secret that they are Obsession with Eva Mendes. Now the other two ladies they may.

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