Josh Groban is a dork

The Emmy Awards were boring. The only funny part was Conan O’Brien and this TV theme song montage sung by Josh Groban. His South Park and Will Smith impressions were spot on. I almost believed he was a fat, angry cartoon character and a young, hip black man. Plus, he looked like a complete dork flailing around and making awkward expressions while singing. So, it’s not so much that I was awestruck by Josh’s performance, it’s that I had a fantastic time making fun of him.

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I think that was the point, you were supposed to make fun of him… he made fun of himself. It was supposed to be cheesy…but it was funny in all it’s cheesyness.


It was supposed to be cheesy! No one does cheesy like our adorkable and adorable JOSH GROBAN! The public are only just catching on to the fact that Josh isn’t all serious. His fans have known about this side of Josh for a long time – which is one of the reasons he’s so loved – he’s both funny and great fun to watch or be with. Josh got it right when he said before his performance. “There’s a lot of stuff that allows me to just be me, then there’s a lot of stuff that allows me to let… Read more »


Hey, Josh Groban was out to PLAY that night….letting his hair down, having FUN, showing off his real, goofy personality and sense of humour. He was hilarious doing the lounge-singer bit for Love Boat, including Animal from Sesame St. was a nod to fans who have compared his drum-playing to Animal’s, he was amused to have back-up dancers for the first time in his career, the endearing “oh God” before he launched into the Fresh Prince bit showed us just how hard he was working up there, AND the South Park impersonations were fabulous. Josh is a multi-talented performer with… Read more »

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