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Shenae Grimes

Sources from inside the production of 90210 tell Page Six that 18-year-old Shenae Grimes, who plays Annie Wilson on the new series, is being a bitch. Shenae is accused of “tormenting everyone on set” and “[acting] rude to the cast, crew and extras.”

Our insider told us Grimes even once yelled at an unassuming guest star, “Who the hell are you?” and often spits out comments like “This is my show – everyone else is riding my coattails.”

Some may recognize Shenae as Darcy Edwards from the series Degrassi: The Next Generation. Many others, like me, may be asking, “What’s a Degrassi?” So, as you can plainly see, Shenae is carrying this show with her phenomenal line readings and immeasurable star power. Oh and get this. I heard one time someone even almost recognized her at a Starbucks. Respect.

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12 years ago

Maybe the person who recongized her at Starbucks was the same person who took all of these pictures you dumbass.

12 years ago

maybe it was you Bill since you seem defensive by calling names??

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