Mr. Clean died

House Peters Jr. who played Mr. Clean in all those commercials you remember as a kid, died on Wednesday from pneumonia. He was 92. While never a leading man, Peters Jr. did find success in westerns and even won a Golden Boot Award in 2000 for his contributions to the genre.

The elder Peters’ most memorable role came as Mr. Clean — a muscular man with a bald head, a hoop earring and a no-nonsense attitude toward dirt and grime. From the late 1950s and into the early 1960s, Peters Jr. helped advertise the famous household cleaner with the trademark jingle, “Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean.”

Aww, crap. Does this mean dirt and grime have won? I’ll get you for this dirt and grime! Even if it means licking you off my toilet one by one. Wait, no. Nevermind. That’s gross. I’ll find some other way to avenge his death. Maybe I’ll just buy a few Magic Erasers, store them under my sink and forget they’re there when I actually need them.

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12 years ago

New Mean Mr. Clean – there are two TV commercials endorsing this P&G-owned multi-suface household chemical
product range I have posted on One features
the 1960 jingle titled New Mean Mr. Clean; the other ad
is a parody of the TV commercial jingle of the same title.

12 years ago


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