Taylor Momsen is fun

You may know Taylor Momsen, 15, from her character on Gossip Girl. Others, specifically those at the South Street Seaport, may know her as the kid desperately trying to find a public restroom to get laid in.

A witness saw the 15-year-old actress last week at the South Street Seaport. “It was like 11 at night,” our spy said. “Taylor was wearing very dark eye makeup and chain-smoking with a really sketchy-looking guy. She was a little suspicious, asking people where the bathroom was. It kind of looked like she and the guy wanted to go in together.

Alright, so it was either to get laid or do lines of coke. Either way, her parents must be proud. 5 to 1 odds she has at least two pregnancy scares by the time she’s 18.

Here are a few pictures of her at Fashion Rocks. They’re every bit as creepy as they seem. She looks coked out of her skull and has some creepy geezer all over her. A winning combination if I’ve ever seen one. I bet this night ended like Cinderella’s did. Tied up in a stranger’s bed without any memory of what happened and slowly coming to the stark realization that grandpa is passed out on top of her with his pants around his ankles. I believe this happened in the unabridged version of Cinderella.

On a side note, I hope that isn’t her dad or anything because what I said would make things a little awkward.

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