Hugh Jackman has good ideas

Hugh Jackman @ Australia

The recently named Sexiest Man Alive Hugh Jackman admits that he used to frequent gay bars to hit on drunk chicks which he says is much better than going to straight bars to hit on drunk chicks because they’re less on the defensive.

“I probably shouldn’t be saying this, but I remember when I was about 19, me and my friend used to go to these dance parties which were 80 per cent gay guys, 18 per cent girls who were sick of heterosexual guys hitting on them, and then vultures like me and my mate.

“We would go there until two in the morning, when the girls were really drunk and wishing they weren’t with 80 percent gay guys.

“I’m the worst kind of straight guy. The leech! The vulture!”

I’ve tried this before. Turns out you don’t want to go dressed in tight leather pants and a mesh shirt. It sends the wrong signals. On the upside, you never have to pay for drinks the whole night.

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