Jesse Metcalfe fell

Jesse Metcalfe, the man with the impeccably groomed face, fell 30 to 40 feet from a balcony in Monaco on Sunday. The Desperate Housewives gardner was taken to Grasse hospital to be X-rayed and brain scanned. After being discharged on Monday, he went to London to get a CAT scan. Metcalfe ended up with only a fractured fibular.

“To have fallen that distance and not have any major injuries was a miraculous escape,” says the rep. “It was a very scary experience for him and those of us who saw him. It was a nasty fall. He was found face down on the floor … It could easily have been fatal.”

Jesse looks like a pretty boy so you can bet when he bounced off the ground, drunk off his ass, the first thing he did was cry because he had a couple scratches on his face. Good thing he didn’t see what happened to him while he was unconscious. Who knew something that big could fit in a hole that small?

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12 years ago

what do you mean?

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