Take a trip down memory lane

A poster on ONTD noted that Google and LIFE teamed up to archive a bunch of high quality photos from years past. Photos are said to be rare and even unseen and highlight past trends which have thankfully died.

It’s interesting to see how some celebrities turned out the way they did. Especially Leonardo DiCaprio. He used to be a lanky, gawky kid who looked like he didn’t need to do much studying for his Gilbert Grape role. Now he’s a handsome and amazing actor. And don’t forget Britney Spears. She, uh, well, she got a little better. LIFE notes this photo was taken in 1999 but I swear this is future 40-year-old Britney coming back to warn 1999 Britney about K-Fed, shaving her head and attacking paparazzi with an umbrella. It’s safe to say she didn’t listen.

Fire up the Google image search and add “source:life” after any person’s name to find the archived photos. Feel free to post any oddball finds.

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