Pete Wentz drank his own piss

Pete Wentz played Pee Roulette during a concert. 10 bottles of apple juice were lined up for him to drink throughout the night, one of which was filled with his own urine. At around 7:15 it looks like he took a swig of it and then chugged it to further prove how douchey he is. He’ll make his kid so proud one day.

In the spirit of things, here are a couple of other games Pete enjoys playing:

  • Have 10 cream filled donuts, one of which has semen in it. He then eats each one to determine which does not belong.
  • Be blindfold and guess whose penis is being stuck in his ass. Is it the bassist’s, the drummer’s or his manager? This one is a toughie. Pete always needs two or three tries to solve this riddle.
  • jane

    This asshole would say anything for attention, how pathetic!!

  • m

    he’s done this before it’s not really that shocking and he did it well before they were super famous

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