Shauna Sand has lofty aspirations for her daughter

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Shauna Sand was walking down wherever with her daughters when she started telling the guy behind the camera how they have fond memories of the Playboy mansion. They do the Easter egg hunt every year and once had dinner with Hef!

A short while later, things got really awkward when Shauna asked her 9-year-old daughter if she wanted to do Playboy. To her credit, she said they’d revisit that question when she turned 18 which, according to the cameraman, was in a couple of years. Anyway, her daughter’s awesome sarcastic response to all this was, “Yea, a little girl on a magazine with stripper shoes and a bathing suit.”

Aww, snap. Where’d this kid get that wit from? There’s no way she could have inherited it. Shauna probably wanted to smack that sass right out of her and tell her that that Playboy spread she was mocking will pay for her state education.

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