Kiefer Sutherland charged with assault

Keifer Sutherland has been charged with misdemeanor assault stemming from a headbutting incident at a Costume Institute Gala afterparty. Sutherland is expected to surrender to the NYPD to receive a ticket that tells him when to show up for court. Kiefer is currently on probation for DUI and it may be revoked because of this.

TMZ adds that there may be a hitch in Kiefer’s plan to turn himself in in that there’s confusion over whether a non-resident is allowed to just get a ticket. If not, he may be arrested and arraigned on the same day.

In times like these, we ask what would Jack Bauer do? Well, he’d flee to Africa for a year, come back to torture McCollough and then turn himself in which is probably the wisest thing to do at the moment. What can go wrong?

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14 years ago

The only good world is a world where Kiefer Sutherland beats people up. End of story.