Audrina Patridge is leaving “The Hills”

Looks like MTV picked up the Mark Burnett produced Audrina Patridge show creatively titled “The Audrina Show.” Audrina will be leaving The Hills this fall at the end of the fifth season to begin work on it. The show will focus on her personal and professional life. Somewhat intriguing because neither Audrina’s personal or professional life seems interesting. Here’s what NYDN started their report with:

Audrina Patridge, whose sexy stare has made her a hit on MTV’s “The Hills,” is gazing into the future, and what she sees is a new reality show to be produced by Mark Burnett.

I can’t help but think the NYDN is being a little facetious. Her sexy stare? What’s so sexy about it? The fact that when you stare into her soulless, child-like eyes you feel sorry that she was born five miles from Chernobyl? They must be confusing sexy with pity.

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