Sandra Lou is a hot mess

I have no clue who Sandra Lou is. My first guess is a French actress because IMDB made some reference to her being born in France and starring in some movies. Plus, she was at the 2009 Monte Carlo TV festival in Monaco so she’s got to be sort of famous, right?

Anyway, who she is and how she got onto the red carpet is besides the point. What’s important is that she twirled around for photographers in her dress and not only did part of her nipple slip out, but she flashed part of her bush to everyone. It’s as if the gods themselves moved her clothes a half inch lower and to the right just to mess with her.

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14 years ago

She was one of the girls in the french Bachelor TV show. Did a few things on TV after that.

14 years ago

Je suis Sénégalais je trouve Sandra trés SEXY et trop belle