There are autopsy photos

David Carradine’s death just got more disturbing as Radar reports that five autopsy photos are being offered for sale around the world.

A total of FIVE photos are in existence, has confirmed. All of the photos show Carradine nude and strapped to a metal coroner’s table with the autopsy incision plainly visible.

Unsurprisingly, no one has bought them. Mainly because no one wants to see a dead David Carradine lying on a metal slab being cut open. I’m not sure how that would entice any publication. Sure, pictures of where David died and what he was doing/wearing when he died are somewhat coveted, but that’s only because they provide context for his odd death and also people are dying to know where he got those fabulous fishnet stockings from. Do you think they’re designer fishnets? I bet they’re designer fishnets!

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14 years ago

They’re not fishnets. The newspaper applied a “decorative” shadow effect for the sake of “modesty.” This is visible in the high resolution version of the same image.