Paula Abdul just got paid


Paula Abdul’s role on American Idol is very clear. She’s the crazy one. The one that acts drunk and makes little to no sense 90% of the time. A parrot could give better critique. People get fired from real jobs when they behave like Paula.

American Idol isn’t a real job, however, which is why they’re giving her a raise. Paula is demanding $20 million while AI is thinking around $10 million.

The story behind Sonenberg’s comments, has learned from sources close to the situation, is that the former Laker Girl and hit recording star is demanding $20 million and the other side has floated the idea of $10 million. And while Paula has regularly renegotiated her contract with dire threats of not returning, Sonenberg is talking tough and hasn’t given anyone on the network side reason to believe he’s bluffing.

If $20 million sounds like a lot for telling singers whether they suck or not, that’s because it is. When I tell the kindergartners that I mentor that Hellen Keller could sing better than them, all I get is crying, kicks to the shin and questions about who Hellen Keller is. What a bunch of retards. [Radar, LAT]

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robert barnes
robert barnes

Paula,I like that in you,Get your money just like Simon,Ryan,and everybody else on American Idol.I really admire everything about you.You keep on working & i’ll keep on watching till the end of time.Love you like always,you’re friend alway’s,ROB.

Pearl Curry
Pearl Curry

I think Paula brought style to the show. People are always complaing. She do what she do well. She’s talently,beautiful and can hold her own with the men. I really think that they’re be making a big mistake not meeting her demand.{She’s worth it}


As usual it is business at it’s best. The boys are all going to get paid more than woman. It doesn’t matter that Ryan can be replaced by so many other people in a heartbeat, but there is truly only one Paula Abdul. She is honest, works even when she is in pain. Most people would be on disability with her injuries. Yes, she seems different at times, but no one on the show gives these kids more hope, encouragemt, and imput. Paula is one of the reasons that companies put their ads there. They know that Paula on her… Read more »

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