Katrina Smirnoff would rather dance naked

PETA’s latest anti-fur ad features Dancing With the Stars’ Katrina Smirnoff. Katrina says she gave up fur after learning what happens to animals when they’re killed for their skin. They die. Yikes! Who knew? She opines,

“I did wear fur, especially when I was little. But there are ways of being warm and being fashionable without being cruel.”

For example, this cardboard box. Homeless people use them all the time to keep warm. It’s just like fur. The only difference is you can’t get it wet and you probably have to weigh it down with rocks, but other than that, they’re pretty much the same thing.

  • chewy

    I’ve got a way to keep her warm. Ha ha..get it? What..too obvious??

  • WeirdArchives

    Nice photo, but why do we have to deal with PETA when we can pay these lovelies to do nude photos and save us the lecture?

  • Zork

    Hmmm…maybe she should turn a bit more to her left and see if her beliefs extend to beaver fur.

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