Lamar Odom is a charmer

Khloe Kardashian is marrying Lamar Odom on Sunday. They’ve been dating for only a month. The question on everyone’s mind is “why would Khloe want to rush into marriage after only 30 days of dating?” Because of how they met. TMZ says Lamar swept Khloe off her feet by covering her $3,000 bar tab when she hosted Ron Artest’s welcome to LA party.

It all went down on August 27th, when Khloe was hosting a “Welcome to LA” party for brand new Laker, Ron Artest, at Halo in Hollywood.

Khloe ran up one hell of a bill that night … and for some reason, Lamar decided to cover the whole thing — after all, cash money is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

A source extremely close to Khloe confirmed the whole story, telling us, “At first, she wasn’t going to do the event … but she literally met her husband there. And yes, he paid for everything.”

How romantic. Lamar is like Prince Charming if Prince Charming was into drunk fairy princesses who look like Shrek.

However, along with a few regular folk, part of Hollywood doesn’t even believe in this union. They say it’s a publicity stunt. Which is probably true.

According to our spies, Khloe was not wearing an engagement ring (although she did show off a pair of diamond earrings from Odom) and the two refused to give any interviews, even about non-wedding related material.

“What are the two waiting for?” on insider wondered. “If they are so in love, why not share?”

But it wasn’t only partygoers that were left questioning the legitimacy of the romance, even their fellow celebrities have their doubts.

Singer Mya was overheard telling a pal that she is sure the engagement is “fake” and is nothing more than “publicity stunt” so Khloe can get some attention, since her two sisters seem to be taking it all.

Well it’s still real to me! Plus, why wouldn’t Khloe marry Lamar. Her options are thin. It’s either him or that gallon of ice cream she bought from Costco. And you can’t marry a gallon of ice cream… yet.

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