Anthony Michael Hall could be a woman beater

Weird Science geek, Sixteen Candles geek and Breakfast Club geek Anthony Michael Hall, now 41, has been hit with a temporary restraining order by his ex-girlfriend Diana Falzone. Falzone, ironically a relationship columnist for HuffPo, claims Hall attempted to kick down her front door last week. Failing to do so, Falzone let Hall in only to have her head bashed against the wall. Hall will have to appear at a hearing next week.

Maybe it sounds worse than it is. Maybe Falzone had a bee on her head and Anthony was trying to kill it with a wall. I bet the police never thought of that when she called them mildly concussed. On that note, have you ever noticed it’s the guys who play harmless misunderstood characters that end up beating women? Another example is Andy Dick. Although, it’s hard to tell if he was a screw up his entire life or only after he was typecast as “weird guy who usually sits in the corner alone at parties”.

  • emmm

    Is it me or is he looking a little hannibal lecter-ish these days?

  • BB

    To The Blemish…you do know that pedophiles don’t have a specific look? Your next door neighbor could be a pedophile. Maybe think before you make such dumb comments.

    And let Miss Calzone first come up with the proof that he’s been beating her and stalking her, I hold of my judgement of Mr. Hall until then. You know the innocent until proven guilty?

    I think there is something very fishy about her accusation. Who the hell lets a person in after they first are trying to kick down their door? Any sane person would have called the police? And no Neighbors heard the noise of him trying to kick down her door and called the police?

    One would think if he had been doing what she is accusing him off, he would have been in jail already…but here he is walking around a free man…as I said something is not right.

  • ChewChilla

    I get sick of society throwing around ‘bipolar’ disorder whatever!!!!!!!….bottom line she dump this loser and he has a problem with it. Hey antonio, how about Jail time and some anger management classes?????? Then go home and hug your mother and tell her what a totally creep she raised……LOL

    • BB

      Maybe he dumped her and this is her way of getting back at him… and of course she’s in the spotlight, maybe just what she needed for her career. Her name has been all over the internet.

  • Alpha

    She’s a bimbo….The story doesn’t make sense….She wants more attention thats why she is all over the internet. You want the truth…follow the money !!!

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