Bryant Gumbel has lung cancer

On Tuesday morning while c-hosting Live With Regis & Kelly, Bryant Gumbel told the world he had surgery last month to take out a dangerous tumor in his chest. The optimistic Gumbel, however, just wants to know if he can play golf again.

“We had told a few people, we told my family, obviously. I even kept it from my staff at Real Sports,” he said. “So I’m okay for the time being. I’m hoping they greenlight me to play golf again.”

That’s like me after my health scare. The first thing I asked the doctor was if I was well enough to continue banging supermodels. For whatever reason, he laughed which pissed me off so I put my Rascal scooter in drive and got the hell out of there before my 400 lbs of manliness could explode into a fiery rage. Also, I was hungry, so hungry.

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