Kiefer Sutherland got drunk again

For the 320th time in his life, Kiefer Sutherland drank himself silly and got kicked out of a strip club. The Sun explains at around 10:40 PM Sutherland was seen with five empty wine glasses on his table while drinking with a pal at The Covent Garden Hotel Bar and was still ordering more. Kiefer left for the Stringfellows lapdancing club at 2 AM when “He went bananas, shouting nonsense and dancing like Peter Crouch before kicking off when asked to leave.”

Around 3:30 AM, bouncers put a shirtless Kiefer in a headlock to throw him out of the club. They try to put him in a car but Kiefer wanders into the street. He finally gets into the car and outside his hotel, he stumbles around, falls and giggles with his jacket unbuttoned. Then he has a cigarette.

Ah, yes. A day in the life of Kiefer Sutherland. The good thing about Sutherland is that if you hear about him doing something crazy and there’s no alcohol involved, you know the story is fake. Just like if you hear a story about Steven Seagal hooking up with someone and it doesn’t mention anything about him spiking the girl’s drink with a date rape drug beforehand, you know someone made that s**t up.

[Pacific Coast News]

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12 years ago

what a clown ass. Has a great hit on TV and many love this”Jack Bauer” And his backers don’t trust him any more
This may be the beginning of the end for this clown. I for sure will not invest any money on his ventures

12 years ago

Kiefer, Kiefer you have everything going for you. You really need to quit drinking this is only going to get you in more trouble with the law. Not to mention how embarrassing this is for your daughter. Think of her for a change. I agree with the above posting. Fox didn’t renew your contract because they knew you were showing up drunk to work from the night before. You have let so many people down. I doubt NBC will pick up the series. The biggies knew what you have been up to. So many actors would love to have the… Read more »

12 years ago

Yea cathy is right!! But we still love you Jack…We can’t stop watching your tv shows you better make a season “9” haha got bless ya and drink less wine;)

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