Is this a lingerie show or tennis match?

Venus Williams competed at the French Open the other day in some sort of outfit she bought at Hustler’s. From the LA Times:

Whistles and whispers circulated through the stands at Court Suzanne Lenglen on Sunday, a reaction brought about not by Venus Williams’ play at the French Open, but rather by her outfit.

With a lacy black overlay giving it the illusion of being see-through, and bright red trim on the bodice, Williams’ corset-like get-up made her look as if she were ready to perform in a 19th century Parisian cancan chorus line. Her game, a mix of power and nimbler-than-usual footwork on this day, was very 21st century, and befitting a star of the show.

She won her first round match. Most likely by distracting her opponent. Williams explained that her look was “about illusion,” which, she noted, is “a lot of my motif this year” when it comes to clothes design.

No doubt the girl opposite her was scared that the ruffles would lift to reveal her junk. I’d be scared too. Venus looks like Jamie Foxx in an In Living Color skit.

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