Khloe Kardashian is jealous

Lamar Odom and Team USA celebrated their win over France Sunday night by partying at Juliet Supper Club. Wife Khloe Kardashian tagged along but left 10 minutes later because she was jealous of all the girls stopping by the table to say hi to the guys.

“I overheard Khloe cursing Lamar out for being ‘too friendly,’” the eyewitness said. “But Lamar didn’t really seem bothered when she left.”

The eyewitness continued, “He ordered two more bottles of liquor and stayed with his buddies for a few more hours before heading out.”

Khloe is the chubby, less popular Kardashian. Sometimes she looks like she was captured in the forest and raised as a human. Of course she’d be insecure when a bunch of skinny bitches in tight dresses come up and talk to him. Even if all Lamar did was wave and smile back, she’d still call him an asshole. If Khloe had her way, Lamar would drive a spear into the stomach of each girl that made eye contact with him.

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12 years ago

I thought Vanessa Bryant (Kobe’s wife) was the one with issues when she barred Khloe (Lamar Odom’s wife) from coming to their house and saying she had to stay in the guest house for all future visits. Vanessa said Khloe’s behavior is embarrassing. Then again, maybe they both have issues. After-all, she did forgive Kobe for having butt sex with a stranger from Colorado. Who knows what other women he’s been with on all those road trips. Then she proceeded to have another one of his babies.

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