Michael Caine explains ‘Inception’

[Note that this contains spoilers. If you couldn’t figure that out, then keep reading because you don’t really deserve to be watching movies.]

Inception is the movie of the year so far with The Social Network being a close second. So it’s no wonder people are still talking about the ambiguous ending weeks after its release. Not Michael Caine, however. Ambiguity has no place in his heart. He slays ambiguity like a hooker using too much teeth. In a recent interview with BBC Radio, Caine gives his own explanation of the ending.

Caine says, “it’s real, because I’m never in the dream.” There you go. It’s settled. Take it from Michael Caine. He was in the movie. Plus, it’ll be easier than re-watching the entire movie to see if DiCaprio’s ring is his real totem. Or maybe we’ve just been incepted. Damn you, Michael Caine! [AICN via AV Club]

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