Taylor Momsen is edgy

17-year-old Taylor Momsen wants you to know she’s not your average teen celebrity. She’s edgy and wild and a rebel. She slaps people in the face with that fact in every interview or report like she was challenging them to a dual. The latest “I’m nothing like a Miley Cyrus” story to come out says Taylor loves setting things on fire and she once brought in her dog’s balls in to the studio to burn.

“Taylor loves setting things on fire, so this is great. Taylor thinks we’re some rock ‘n’ roll badasses,” guitarist Ben Phillips told Heat.

“In the studio, there was this pit where the owner would burn stuff. We’d burn old keyboards, computers, stuff them full of TNT and set them on fire. Taylor loves fire.

“I shouldn’t say this. One morning, Taylor got into the studio really early – she’d just had her dog neutered and brought in the bits. Which she then burned. We were grossed out.”

Radical, dude! You don’t like things that other people like and don’t do things that other people do. You’re so cool!

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