Sean Parker sounds delightful

Sean Parker, who’s enjoying renewed fame after being played by Justin Timberlake in the Facebook movie, held a charity party at his mansion in the West Village. Guests included John Mayer, Edward Norton and David Blaine and were told they couldn’t leave unless they donated extra money for charity:water, which builds wells in developing nations.

“Parker grabbed the microphone and kept saying, ‘Nobody can leave my house unless you pay . . . My goons at the door won’t let you leave unless you pay.’ He made it clear this wasn’t just a cocktail party to show off his fancy house. At the end of the night, they were hiding the microphone from him.” Parker’s rep said, “He is very passionate about charity:water. He was joking, but he wanted to make sure they raised the most money possible.”

They should do what I do. Find some guy on the list who donated a decent but not noticeable amount then cross his name off the donation list and write your name in. Works like a charm.

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