The Tony Parker texts were innocent

A source close to Tony Parker (coughTonyParkercough) tells Celebuzz that the texts he sent to Brent Barry’s wife, Erin Barry, were innocuous and that Eva is prone to jealousy. They also add that Eva conveniently waited for Parker to sign a four-year $45 million deal with the Spurs before filing for divorce and tells you to take that however you want.

According to the source, the Barrys have been close friends with Longoria and Parker for some time, even spending New Year’s Eve together a couple of years ago at Longoria’s Los Angeles restaurant, Beso. The Barrys are currently in the midst of a divorce and, our source adds, Parker and Erin’s texts involved the two leaning on each other as their respective marriages went through troubles. A seemingly innocent exchange between close friends, it would seem, but Longoria appears to be prone to jealousy in her marriage to Parker.

If I was a famous celebrity accused of cheating, I’d also pretend to be a “source” and tell people that it didn’t happen. When the reporter asks, “You sound a lot like… is this Tony Parker?,” I’ll just hang up the phone real fast. They won’t suspect a thing.

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