Taylor Momsen Could Be an ‘X Factor’ Judge

Famed music producer L.A. Reid has been confirmed as one of the judges on the US X Factor. A legit choice because of the number of stars he’s made. Now there’s a rumor that 17-year-old Taylor Momsen will also be one of the judges. Also because of her talent. Of flashing her breasts on stage.

Celebuzz has learned producers for the show have zeroed in on the 17-year-old Pretty Reckless singer, and want her to take a stab at co-hosting the show. Earlier this week, uber-producer L.A. Reid officially signed on the dotted line to sit at the judge’s table.

We’re told that producers think the often-controversial Momsen is perfect for the spot because she’s “young, hip and edgy” and has just the energy the show is looking for.

This must be a joke. Taylor Momsen is about as edgy as a butter knife. Her tired schtick has been done ad nauseam. I do like the message this sends to young girls though. If you want to be famous, dress like a hooker, flash your boobs and strip yourself of that beast called dignity.

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