The Situation Bombed at Donald Trump’s Roast

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino was invited to be one of Donald Trump’s roasters. Long story short. It didn’t turn out so well. In fact, it was so bad a Comedy Central exec said his act may be cut from the final broadcast. The only reason it seems he was invited was to be everybody’s whipping boy.

“The Sitch,” as he’s called, deadpanned to Cummings, “I actually wouldn’t call you a grenade because you won’t be blowing up anytime soon.” (Buh-dum-bum!) He told Snoop Dogg that he and Trump had a lot in common because Trump owned a lot of property and Snoop’s ancestors were property. (Snoop did not appear amused.) Before long, the audience began to boo so loudly that comedian Jeffrey Ross, who’s been at this so long he’s known as the Roastmaster General, had to interject into the act to try to save the Situation, who’d already claimed he shared one quality with Ross: “This is my first night doing comedy.”

“It’s also your last,” Ross responded, to overwhelming applause.

Still, the crowd must have been glad that the Situation showed up, because he provided plenty of amusement for the other roasters. MacFarlane joked that “the Sitch” and Snooki made a good couple because “Italians are known for grinding organs with monkeys.” Snoop pretended to mistake the Situation for Snooki, “I’m sorry,” he said, “all white people who act black look the same to me.” The deaf actress Marlee Matlin, a surprise roaster who’s currently on Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” even got in a swipe at the Great Bronzed One. “Like the Situation,” she said in American Sign Language, “I too have never heard the sound of laughter.”

…. As for the Situation, he didn’t seem phased. “Maybe if I hadn’t gone on with the sunglasses, there wouldn’t have been such a negative [vibe],” he mused, adding that Snoop told him to wear the Aviators so that no one could tell he was looking at the teleprompter. “Maybe they thought I was too cool, but that wasn’t the case. I was just wearin’ them ’cause Snoop said to wear ’em.”

The only reason Snoop Dogg didn’t shoot The Situation for the slave comment was because he didn’t want to reinforce negative stereotypes. So he beat him up in his dressing room afterward. With his pimp cane. Naturally.

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10 years ago

14:56… 14:57…14:58, It’s almost over!

10 years ago

Take your millions and go away
sorry your millions and varied stds and disappear

10 years ago

I really don’t like the Jersey Shore or its cast of no talented nobodies who are achieving fame at their dignity’s expense, but even I felt bad watching this.

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