‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Down – Part 1’ Trailer Debuted

Lest I forget, part one of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn trailer debuted at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. I figure that’s the only reason why half the audience attended. They should have just turned that thing into a Twilight convention.

The trailer below shows Jake finding out Bella and Edward are getting married through a wedding invitation. Ouch. It must have hurt his wolfie feelings because he tears off his shirt and runs away. Presumably to the mountains to cry. Pfft. Werewolves. Amirite, ladies? If it’s any consolation, and I’m sure it will be, he’ll be banging Bella’s unborn child soon enough.

Did I mention they show about two seconds of Bella and Edward consummating their marriage? Because they did and it looked pretty intense. Edward probably orgasms shiny diamonds. Judging by the way he’s twitching, it must feel like passing a kidney stone.

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