Olivia Wilde Has Final Nipple Approval

Olivia Wilde went on Jimmy Kimmel yesterday to promote Cowboys & Aliens but also talked about The Change-Up and mentioned how she got the final say on how her nipples looked in the movie.

Wilde wasn’t actually naked but was CGI’ed naked. *Kicks doll* Dammit. “You wear pasties when you’re on-set so people don’t see your nipples (she likes to draw happy faces on her pasties).” During taping, Ryan Reynolds was supposed to be blocking her body but moved and exposed the pasties. Filmmakers were now forced to superimpose CGI nipples on her chest. Oh, the horror!

“I got to approve the nipples!” Wilde said.

“So there’s a nipple artist!” Kimmel said. “The guys doing that sort of work must not have seen that many of them in real life.”

“Exactly: Not since their mother!” Wilde said.

“It’s a real nipple fest over there!” Kimmel joked.

Aww, you mean those nipples aren’t real? Well, it’s not like I haven’t masturbated to less. *Pulls down pants, ogles Aunt Jemima bottle*

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