Hulk Hogan Is Creepy, Brooke Hogan Helps PETA

Hulk Hogan celebrated his 58th birthday on Thursday at an art gallery of PETA’s newest exhibit titled “Women in Cages” which features a nude Brooke Hogan in a pet crate. To any normal dad, this would have been slightly uncomfortable, but Hulk isn’t a normal dad. See, when Brooke asks him to put sunscreen on her, he’s the kind of loving father that’ll get all up in there.

The exhibit itself was pretty lame though. PETA wanted to draw a parallel between putting humans in crates and putting animals in crates. This would have made a lot more sense if they gave Brooke a crate that fit her instead of stuffing her in there like her dad’s hand in her ass.

Anyway, the birthday celebration included cake and Hulk getting kissed by his 20-year-old daughter and 20-year-old girlfriend. Is it creepy that I can’t tell which is Brooke and which is Jennifer McDaniel? Also, when does he ask for the threesome? Before or after the cake?

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