Kreayshawn Has Nude Pics

Kreayshawn, part of the group White Girl Mob with V-Nasty, was signed to Columbia Records after her single Gucci Gucci got millions of views on YouTube in only three weeks.

Kreayshawn was an Ikea employee, film school dropout and famously smoked weed with Soulja Boy. Now she’s gaining a little bit of notoriety and has even been asked to film the video for the first single off the Red Hot Chili Peppers new album.

She was also nominated for best new artist at the MTV Video Music Awards but lost out to Tyler the Creator. Anyway, someone hacked her Twitter and leaked a few nude pics of her. I can’t show it here but follow me and click the link on my Twitter. Just to warn you. They’re extremely boring. By the way, the images don’t show up so just click the individual links.

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