Abigail Clancy’s Topless Photos Have Been Taken

Abigail Clancy, best known for pushing out her chest and modeling things, has called the cops after self-shot cellphone pics of herself topless were taken from her phone and passed around like a grungy Playboy in 5th grade.

“This is disgusting. The thought of somebody else being able to get their grubby hands on these pictures is upsetting and embarrassing.”

“Having a breach of trust like this is the last thing she needs.

“She is determined to find out what has gone on and make sure the person responsible is dealt with appropriately.” The Sun

Abbey is still not sure how the pictures were removed from her SIM card. Which may be one of the problems. Are pictures still stored on SIM cards? Is her phone from 1998? Giving celebrities new technology is a lot like giving your grandma a computer. Soon enough, they’ll be calling you asking how to get that naked lady off their screen.

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