DJ Qualls Beat Up by Cop ‘For No Reason’

DJ Qualls, the shy virgin from such films as Road Trip and The New Guy and who’s not really a DJ, tweeted over the weekend that he had his ass kicked by a Vancouver police officer in an unprovoked attack. “Before it hit the news, just gout out of the ER, Was beaten by a Vancouver Police Officer for no reason. Got stitches and released,” Qualls wrote.

In Vancouver filming an episode of Supernatural, Qualls explained that he witnessed a fight and tried to point out a man who hit a woman. He told the cop but “He said if I didn’t get out of there, he’s arrest me, I asked why and he tackled me, busted my face and handcuffed me. Then taunted me for 1/2hr b4 the ambulance came. I was held, no calls, no attorney. AND I had to pay an $800 ER bill. Free healthcare, Canada?”

According to Qualls, he told the cop he was an actor in town doing a shoot. Turns out the cop didn’t care. “Was not arrested b/c was innocent. I was handcuffed and bleeding while the cop kept saying to me, “you think youre fucking better than me?” Well, ya, but just a little.

Qualls eventually got his badge number and name, which he’s since tweeted. A spokesperson for the police department told the Vancouver Sun, “Obviously we’re aware of the complaint that he’s made via the media and we’ve reached out to him. Despite not hearing from him we’ve proactively started an investigation.” A complaint wasn’t filed because the department was closed for the weekend, says Qualls. He did manage to film his ep of Supernatural.

In the officer’s defense, DJ Qualls looks nothing like an actor so how was he supposed to know not to beat his ass? Maybe next time start out with, “You may recognize me from such films as…” People love hearing how famous you are.

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