Snooki’s Fragrance Will Smell Like GHB

Snooki went on The Tonight Show Tuesday to talk about the new fragrance she’s releasing. Many assumed it would smell like pickles and it actually did for a second. “It smelled like pickles and grass and it was just gross,” Snooki told Leno.

So she’s going back to the drawing board but promises the new concoction will be “flirty and bubbly, you know, like my personality and obviously something DTF.” Snooki explained to uninformed Jay Leno and Jeff Bridges that DTF means “down to f**k.” Whoops. My monocle has popped out again.

Per that description, this fragrance will smell terrible. DTF for Snooki means smelling like sweaty armpits and runny spray tan with a strong vodka musk and a hint of desperation.

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In the know
In the know
12 years ago

It will smell like cat piss and goat cheese…a big improvement for her.